(Anime reference) that people might use, it means 'Yes' or 'Excited yes' or used for expression of any emotion.
Poi! (Persona 5 is coming out soon!!)
Poi? (seems interesting to get excited about )
Poi. (yep not excited enough i suppose or whatevs.)
by TJ9304 June 27, 2015
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Something that's fun to randomly exclaim.

i have to write poi here
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Godly figure, muchly adored by all. Known for beating up dirty mosher with his sozart mates
'I love Poi, he's so amazing'

"Come on Poi, lets do some mosher bashin'"
by Jack May 5, 2005
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A mixture of every single offensive word you can think of.

Most commonly used for males,this word was first used by teenagers online chatting,when they want to offend someone but cant think of a word that describes there hatred for the person and so just type "Poi"

Probably used cause i-o-p are close on the keyboard and so are easy to type to the word p-o-i in a moment of anger.
*Facebook Chat*

Girl - argh,my ex is being such a poi!

Boy - Whats a poi?

Girl - Urban Dictionary it.

Boy - argh ffs,my mate jack here has turned into such a poi.

Girl - argh ikr,there so common these days.
by TheMostAwesomestTeenager November 8, 2011
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A small angry sausage that comes out when you run around the feild 10 times. It's very angry and mean
by Yes boi.. May 19, 2017
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Poy Poy is one of the most underrated multiplayer games to hit the playstation console in the late 90's.

Basic gameplay involved 4 characters running around a small arena and throwing objects (logs, rocks, rockets) at each other. Eventually the last man standing is the winner of that round, however the overall winner is determined by hit points and the order at which they died that particular round.

Each player also gets to select a glove which gives them a unique power. For instance the 'Flash Wall' glove unleashes a wide transparent wall across the arena depending on where the player is facing. Another glove 'Ghost' lets the player throw objects above the arena. When another player walks underneath the object, it falls on top of them.

Poy Poys main appeal isn't the graphics, but the sheer comedic value conveyed while playing your buddies while drinking some breskis.

Unfortunately the developer Konami pushed aside the game due to lack of sales. Poy Poy would have dominated the arcade multiplayer industry had it been released for Xbox Live or PSP gaming.
Oh man, I just owned everyone at Poy Poy. Ben was kicking my ass until I threw that rather large rocket at him.
by Tommy Harding III August 13, 2007
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a penis....or a dick if you prefer....comes from Hawaii
did you get some boobies, some ass or a pull on your POI POI?..lol....
by Jessica Leigh April 8, 2005
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