12 definitions by Pocono Joe

Any situation, act, person, place or thing that is beyond balls deep. Only surpassed by cheeks deep.
President of the United States: "I am proud to honor you with the Congressional Medal of Honor Marine. Would you like to say anything."

distinguished Jar Head: "I was hips deep into The Gates of Hell, but came back with a vengeance. I was born again as a eye gouging, skull fucking, soul taking machine of war. Ooh Rah!"

Prez.: "If I had a little less brains and more cock and balls, I could relate to you son."
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
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1. The colon of a man whore. 2. Any area where large groups of gay men live and play.
1. Perez Hilton sits on a gerbil cemetery.

2. San Francisco, CA
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
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1. use of a very dexterous foot to masturbate a penis or large clitoris
Redneck: My sis' gives good hoofjobs.

Urbanite: You let your sister jerk you off, with her hands?!

Redneck: No, a hoofjob. None of the females in my lineage have arms. But they do have monkey like feet.

Urbanite: Is she the same bitch you told me you swordfought, last night.

Redneck: I reckon you be right, she has a large bitchcock.
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
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1. mine waste 2. Fluids and solids that may come out of a mouth, vagina or anus, while pulling out a penis or dildo.
Lance Bass got culm all over the place, after he withdrew from Cris Crocker's asshole.
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
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Any composite of cum and any other material.

Derived from cum and composite.
detective: Wow this kid's bed sheets stopped a full mag from an assault rifle.

csi guy: Those cumposites are incredible. The tails of the sperm help dissipate the kinetic energy...

detective: Alright, I get it. I once found a burglar, with his head caved in from a kid's cum rag. I got the pix on my phone.
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
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First, there was balls deep. Then, came hips deep. Now we have (drum roll) cheeks deep!

1. (noun) anything or person beyond that of hips deep, the farthest possible to man; 2. (noun) to shove one's lower abdomen into a cunt, until the gluteus maximus is at least one fifth obscured by the outer labial tissue of the cunt.
1. "You are way out there man. Fucking cheeks deep out there!"

2. Phillip DeFranco wishes he was cheeks deep in Katy Perry. He must wait for Russel Brand, to revert back into little British boys, to get a whack at it.
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
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1. A large penis-like clitoris
I sword fight, but it's totally hetero. It's with my wife's bitchcock.
by Pocono Joe December 12, 2010
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