Airy is a beautiful young woman.
She is usually a brunette. She is the most beautiful girl you will ever see.
Every boy wants to get with her.
Airy knows how to respect herself.
She has a future as being a sucessful model.
She has a great body. She is very intelligent.

She is a great friend. She know how to keep a conversation going. Airy is the whole package. She is everything you could want in a friend.
Airy is beautiful
That model is very successful, she must be an Airy
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, for sure she is an Airy
by Ispeakthettruth December 4, 2013
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Something that does not fit in with a group, area, or situation. Something that is not cool, stands out, does no good, unwanted.
Man that teacher gives so much homework on the weekend he is airy.

You see that girl? She looks good from far away but up close she is airy!

He don't got no car, no job, and no money. he is airy.
by yupokyessirayy February 23, 2010
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Wherever there is a lot of air, could be called 'airy'. Second meaning: "containing nothing".
"Oh, Sir Hendrikx, it's so lovely AIRY up here! It's cool!"

"He held a speach that deserves to be called AIRY."
by Zonno October 23, 2006
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The action of taking a fat shit and letting it sit there, what dumbass would do that.
”That bitch took a big airy, what a stupid ass loser
by Penguin Giraffe December 5, 2020
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The sexiest, most artistic woman in the world.
Her cutesy drawings are found all over bus stops and brings happiness to people. If you find her, you should make sure you never let her go. Warning, don't give her a stoge and she is wanted by the police for drawing in Carls Jr.
Guy 1: Hey man, do you know where I can find Airi?
Guy 2: Probably drawing on some bus stop.
by wastelandann April 16, 2010
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People considered to be air-heads. People with not much going on in their minds who expresses shallow and ill-considered opinions or who have short attention spans.
Benji stormed off in a huff and spent the rest of the evening with a couple of airies drinking soda shakes.
by SliverTongue January 15, 2006
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airi is very kind she thinks about others more than she thinks about herself. she doesn't realize that she is so beautiful but she is has nie long black hair an cute freckles on her face. she is really fun to hangout with. she is very creative and loves to draw and she listens to music 24/7 . airi helps me a lot with my problems and all her other friends problems. but the only thing i really wish for her is to love herself bc she is butiful. and thats on period my girl.

damn airi is so pretty

everyone else: yup
and thats a fact
by grababababa June 1, 2020
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