Someone who is not a Pock Eater, but inconsistently performs a good act in which they get the desired result.
Jamie: "Boys I scored today and ate Pock"
Rich: "Well done mate, you're still not a Pock Eater though, More like a Pockhead who got lucky"
by magicrico July 26, 2011
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Opposite to Pock Eater. You are bad at something or someone has beaten you at something in which case your pock has been eaten. Sometimes your Pock can be eaten raw.
Duffy: "Yo dude,Matt just got his Pock Eaten by Paul, 4-1!"
Sean: "Pauls a Pockhead but Matt just got his Pock Eaten Raw"
by magicrico July 28, 2011
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1. Stains left over from male ejaculation on clothing, furniture etc. when it is in a spot like fashion.

2. Used as a fill in for any sexual reference
by MacWagner November 21, 2009
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The act of throwing a plastic cup at another's head. If done correctly, it is accompanied by a "pock" noise.
Awwww man you just pocked me!

I pocked him well and good.

He pocked me right between the eyes!
by handsome doug April 24, 2005
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a fake version of rock ports tht chavas wear
y aye ya fukin mug, £200 rock ports these r mam ya fukin mef (they will actually b £5 fakes)
by miller January 02, 2004
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