When you got your hand in your pants and your playing what that hangy thing on your body on the lower part. Then people start looking at you because they know your having fun over there.
Person 1: Matthew's over there playing pocket pool, isn't he?
Person 2: Yup. I bet he's having a ball.
Person 1: Nasty ass bitch.
by yayoshorti56 August 10, 2016
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a euphemism for masturbation describing the penis as the pool cue
He was bored and lonely on friday night so he played a bit of pocket pool
by anonymous2511 September 7, 2008
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The movement of ones hand to grab the meat and two veg in ones trousers.
Jake was playing pocket pool--the referee was a PRICK !!!
by amadeus April 8, 2005
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Playing pool in your of commonly referd to as Jakin Off in plain terms Masturbating while having your hands in your pocket ejakulating in public place.To add on this also can be added on by saying a type of ball used for sport that is very well known for being small. ex.golfballz
Dat gay ass nigga wuz playin pocket pool in the theater.
Dis nigga was playin pocket pool wit dem tiny ass golfballz
by Chad Johnson March 6, 2006
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To Jack your "Swagger", esp. in a race
I dont want no one to know i played pocketpool and beat Jim
by J February 6, 2004
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to indescertely play with your balls and catch a quick jack
your not cool, unless you play pocket pool....while sitting in ms.davis's class and everybody is staring and she is like, hey what are you doing, and i am like look bitch i am itching my ball for gods sake, would you like to help me out....go to the office, but .....mmmm can i wash my hands first...
by the ron July 22, 2004
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Using your hand as a pool stick in your pocket. Usually involves jiggling or fondeling your own balls or dick.
"Man, I hit the eight ball in the corner pocket." Dr. Stutz

"Wow I scratced my ball while i was playing pocket pool." Jon Bacot
by Chiz nizzle April 3, 2003
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