A pocket is where the bottom of a girls ass folds over the top of her thigh whenever she takes a step. You usually have to have a decent ass to have this, and because of that a good way to rate female ass is by checking if they have a pocket.
dude that girls pockets so big i can put my spare change in it
by chris the woman ass expert March 19, 2009
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Any male specimen with an insufficient vertical aptitude; specifically less than 5'7''.

Orgin of the term: Literally so petite they can fit in your shirt pocket.
I was totally gonna hook up with that guy last night, but he was a pocket.
by Katerade January 28, 2006
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A doll with painted cheeks and a porcelain complexion.She is often awear of more than she appears to be.She smells good andlikes being told so.
That girls so gorgious, she's pockets.
by daffney December 21, 2006
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When something you saw recently on t.v. occurs near or around you.It doesn't have to be t.v., mabey an inside joke between friends and then it is said on t.v. or by an unaware person. The term implies that wherever this 'pocket' occurs,i.e. t.v., was in your pocket and heared you joking earlier
Garrett:Bro, that little girl looks like Strawberry Shortcake!
Mecca:I know, right?...
...then 5 minutes later they walk inside and Strawberry Shortcake is on t.v. because Mecca's neice is watching it.
Garrett and Mecca:WHAT UP POCKET!!!!!
by LURKLURK July 23, 2008
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