Pockets are when a girl's shorts are so short that all they is pockets;Doesn't offer any use other then pockets; Ass is half hanging out.
Oh great Susie has pockets on She looks like a slut when she wears them.
by Andrew412 May 06, 2015
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a small cut off section in an article of clothing that people keep small objects in.

...what, you expected it to be about vaginas or something? sickos.
1. hold on, my cell phone is in my pocket.

2.who has so little of a life that they have to re-invent the word pocket?
by El Maduo September 01, 2004
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The act of stealin or takin something that is not yours and putting it into your pocket, hence the name pocket.
aye yo look at that wallet sittin right there
___ i see it yo. I say you pocket that joint____
by Ronald G January 02, 2006
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the act of reaching into a pocket in order to adjust your balls
My nuts were sticking to my leg, but since there were people around I had to pull a pocket.
by ObviouslyBattered December 09, 2002
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I word to describe someone you love with more than you can comprehend. This person probably has a dazzling smile that makes you go weak at the knees, or a kiss that you will always want no matter how many hours you spend trying to make up for the time that will be lost when they are away. They're the one you can't stop talking to, even when they tell you they just ate half a chicken, and they may do so often, though their body (the one that you adore) may not show it. Point blank, you must love this person into eternity in order to use this term.
Oh, pockets, I love you!


You're my pockets.
by sparklesinwashington<3 January 13, 2010
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Those holes on the sides of your pants that girl in skinny jeans forgets about.
Girl: I don't know where I'm going to put these quarters! Guy: In your pockets........... Girl: What the fuck's a pocket?
by Uncle Daddy Tom July 03, 2014
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