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An indian that resembles Pocahontas. Cannot speel words very well because Poca enjoys the more entertaining aspects to life. Pocas tend to have ticklish spots in the weirdest areas and cannot withhold laughter at the most romantic and/or personal time. If you would like to get a full nights sleep with a Poca you must wear the ear muffs workmen use during blasting sessions. Don't attempt to assign a Poca with a complicated task because all you will get back is a drawing of a character from spongebob. Even Aldus Snow doesn't want to touch her furry wall. Pocas are usually looking for the right John Smith to invade her land and introduce her to the rest of society. Never trust a canoe that a Poca makes for it will be leaky.
I met a Poca once, I knew her for one day and used an entire bottle of aspirin.
by Red Robin! September 20, 2010
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Definition: Acronym for Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol. An arrestable offense in most large municipalities; a vagrancy and public nusiance law.
Yo man, those jump outs is petty as shit. We was just standin there sippin Hennessey and chillin, and when they couldn't find shit, they took us all for poca.
by JavonW October 03, 2006
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