The phonetic spelling of the Internet slang "pwns"
by Contrist July 19, 2017
A phonetic spelling of the word "pwn," commonly used online.
Guy 1: "I poane in Call of Duty"
Guy 2: "You mean pwn?"
Guy 1: "Same thing, it's a phonetic spelling"
by Thompsoning June 26, 2016
A West-Flemish way if saying you're high
A: jaa g kzin echt wel nog poane wi
B: ja kben wok nog redlijk skeef wi bro
by Mr.Mojo.Risin' March 24, 2021
Ejaculate. Cum. Jizz. Washington State variant.
"I got poan on her eye, dude"
by Poaner December 4, 2008
After he lost 20 games in a row, it was obvious that he had been poaned by his opponent.
by revo March 12, 2005