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David "Panera 'n fuck?"
*Then they went to Panera, and fucked*
by Geeey September 06, 2019
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Panera 'N Fuck.

It's like when you take your girl to Panera and it leads to fucking right after. It don't have to be Panera though it can be any resturant. PNF is when you go out to eat just as a date so you can fuck afterwards.
Mitchell: "Bro, you didn't just meet her, fuck, and leave did you? That's kinda trashy."
David:"Nah bro PNF"
by WeReallyOutHere December 25, 2019
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Pre-Natal Fingering:

When a man fingers his wife during pregnancy to determine whether the child has hair or not.
by garry gonorrheaaaaaa December 10, 2010
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Post-Nut-Face; The face, often one of embarrassment or shame, after nutting or orgasming at the hand of another.
“Your PNF is so bad right now”

“I had a mad PNF after nutting yesterday”
by Jamesjgdog May 10, 2018
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