The act of cutting/mixing and moving large quantities of cocaine for distribution.
"What did you get upto last night?"

"I was busy plowing the snow for the locals, there was too much of it in one place"
by Ricky Quen May 8, 2017
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Verb. When two men are having sex with the same person, the man who goes in second after the first man ejaculates, is plowing the snow.

NOTE** Plowing the snow may occur during a 3-some or if one partner has been unfaithful to the other.
Emeriah: Ohhh, baby that was some good lov'n.. but baby, I am craving some more.

Doaneathan: Yeah, it was good for me too..but I am not ready to go now.. Oliver, get in here and start plowing the snow!

Oliver: MEOWww!! Im on it!.. (or should I say I'm in it?!)

by Snow Plowers January 26, 2008
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When you pick up a stripper and do a line of coke from her pussy to her asshole then plow her.
Dude, I took Tiffany home from the bar and she let me plow the snow.
by TheRussianBlackWidow April 7, 2017
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Fucking a girl in the missionary position while also doing coke off her tits at the same time.
Dude I heard Joe was snow plowing this girl that he took home from the bar last night.
by ¿WHO? February 19, 2014
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When you're banging a girl from behind, she's holding onto the headboard, and you knock her arms out from under her, her head plows into the headboard, just like a snowplow hits the road.
Dude, I just snow plowed this chic last night.
by google March 26, 2003
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the REAL definition is this: a man is giving it to a girl from behind. he then pulls her up by the legs and knocks her arms out from under her. He then proceeds to drive her across the carpet on her face like a snow plow.
I gave Cindy the snow plow last night, and her tits are STILL red!
by Perry Mitchell March 10, 2008
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When someone goes all the way down the ski slope on their snowboard on their heal side, taking the mountain with them.
When Jack found himself amongst an entire slope of moguls he gave up on carving and snow plowed down the mountain.
by zanny May 27, 2004
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