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1. The act of throwing a student planner on the table in anger during an RS lesson.
2. The ramblings of McGazza after vandalisation of his student planner.
3. A sexual dance created by the aboriginal Hieednesees of South Africa.
Origin: Word is believed to have been created as the result of a christmas R.S. lesson that went horribly wrong, resulting in the uprising of a Jedi Council House and the uniting of polish and Polish lovers.
Caitlin plommed and Zoe's polish lover was extremely annoyed!
by McGazza December 18, 2009
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To hang around, amusing yourself. Could be in various ways but always active.
Also, an expression of enjoyment or agreement.'
'We've plommed around the shops all day.'
'Let's plom in the park.'

Are you ok?
by swanseasprincess May 26, 2005
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acronym standing for "Poor Little Old Me." Used often to describe the behavior of whiners and those who feel sorry for themselves.
Zeke is always spouting ploms about his latest drama episode, of which there appear to be a never-ending series.
by Marco February 24, 2015
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1. a misspelling of "plum"
2. a fat-guy
3. to plom = insulting someone
I've been plomming him for hours, but still he's a plom
by erik December 14, 2003
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Andy: ''I need a suit in 24 hours''
Fergus: ''Why did you leave it so late? You bloody Plom!''
by WouldSmash March 06, 2017
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