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Plippy = the 'Pl' from Plastic + the 'ippy' from Hippy.
Plastic Hippy = Plippy (plural = Plippies)
The word Plippy came to me one day while I was standing in a queue for an ATM. There were 2 so-called 'Hippies' standing in front of me; you know, the ones with long dreadlocks, have dogs as friends by default, and are usually either smoking a joint or drinking a can of beer (if not both). But these 2 were different; sure they had the hair, the dogs and the beers, but they were also wearing designer clothes and glasses, and took out €300 from the ATM! Modern-day hippies with plastic cards = Plippies
by frank_bird January 12, 2009
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A secret ancient word which the meaning has been passed down for generations. Discovering the meaning of the word means you have been chosen and are a lighted one.
Corey is that your plippies in a bucket over there?
plippies feel good when they blast.
by MoneyBricks December 11, 2007
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Plippy- adj. Something that is sissy, or dealing with something that is not exciting or uninteresting.

Plip- n. A person that behaved in a weak or wimpy way.
Plippy- Dude that game was plippy. It didnt even have any guns.

Plip- Man, John was such a plip last night. He only had one drink, but he still went home with a whale of a chick
by routine riot January 19, 2005
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