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When a young, unmarried couple buys a residence together with the hope of living out their dreams of an ideal home life. In most instances, the immaturity of the young couple and harsh reality of their home life soon sets in, causing a stress related failure of the relationship.
Prior to the sexual revolution of the 1960's, playing house before marriage was a social taboo.

Girl 1: Did you hear Jen and Mark broke up?
Girl 2: Really?
Girl 1: Yeah, she's living back at her Mom's house.
Girl 2: Well, that's what she gets for trying to play house at age 22
by Cato_ June 04, 2013
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"When the parents are away the children will play." Having the house alone and inviting your girlfriend or fbuddy over and having a sex-stravaganza. Includes: Running around the house naked, taking the dog for a walk, doing laundry, making dinner, sleeping over, and sex everywhere. Can be for hours or days.
Guy: Hey gf my parents are away this weekend wanna play house?

Girl: I love playing house! I'll bring the condoms!
by fortoboy September 27, 2012
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To get married to your significant other, reference:
when children would pretend to be married and play in their doll houses referred to as "playing house".
"hey katie I just got this new barbie doll house!"
"really jessie?!? i just got this new ken doll!"
"let's get married and play house with them!"
mother walks in
"what are you kids doing?"
"were Playing house"
by aaronisstellar February 18, 2012
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