To attempt to manipulate ppl who you’re dating , to get a certain reaction from them.
He was playing games by throwing lots of affection and then pulling away to get Kiana to chase him.
by EloquentBoss January 19, 2021
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To be evasive or deceptive.

To mess around with someone or someone's feelings.

Not being direct or tell the truth.
Quit playing games and tell me what you want.

Let's stop playing stupid games and be honest with each other.

Girls usually play games with the guys, they inch the conversation towards the goal of deceptively test you, for the sake of later on use it against you.
by southern italy guy February 22, 2012
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A fair play.

Playing fair helps children enjoy the experience of playing together. It's also an important part of getting along with others. And when children get along well with others, it gives them a sense of belonging and helps them grow and thrive.

It's important that kids know the rules of the game to make it fair. If not, it can be very confusing and very frustrating, ending up in a very dramatical way. Also important to know when to stop the game when things turn awkward and one of the parts its not enjoying anymore (possibly for the lack of clearness in the rules or during the ejecution)

Playing with honesty always ends up being a great experience. A bit of mistery is ok... taken to the limits it's ok... but everyone has different limits and it's important to know your adversary's to not hurt them.

Also necessary to learn how to win or loose with dignity and honorability.

Playing games is for fun, enjoying, learning, sharing, growing...

Most adults forget to play like kids do. Children are the best teachers to make you remember again.
I love playing games with my best friend, who is also my lover. Let's play infinity games together. Play using your brain, guided by the heart. I love you.
by Ayuryari December 2, 2021
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a sentence in which is shouted when someone is found infront of them playing games on their chromebook.
"ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh he's playing games"
by Zaracotic November 2, 2018
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