Got yourself exited for nothing
"Aye man there is 7 cats in that car"
*they look*
"Man you played yourself
by Fagass69 February 4, 2016
This is a quote from DJ Khalid that means that you had set yourself up for something bad.
So you kicked your bed and it broke congratulations you played yourself.
by Gerrison November 27, 2016
A phrase used to warn somebody not to reveal weaknesses that they might have such as planning their own surprise party or eating a McDonalds after working out. Dj Khaled is the spokesperson for not playing yourself.
-"I miss my bitch so much, I want her back homie."
Reply: "Nigga you broke up with her. Don't ever play yourself man."
by Keith Conlan September 11, 2016
the act of playing with your genital organs in order to get pleasure
If I see you playing with yourself I'll get all turned up.
by hazelkid September 18, 2006