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A wealthy male who parades around with lies money flashy cars and “mad hoes” or a large pimp list.
Becky: “I’m not getting with him he’s just a play boy”
Jade: “but he’s got a nice car
Becky: “Yeah”
by Everyonesdad November 16, 2021
An extremely vulgar slang used to express surprise or anger
Jason derulo: What the frickity frack dittle snap patty wap schoonoozy scap sididififly flack me no mini
His gf tana: I’m so so so sorry baby schnoockie
by Everyonesdad November 24, 2021
River is a gorgeous girl who deserves the whole world n sm more but has only gotten sm less. She is Trauma ridden n broken by her past but the shell of the sweet human she was before still survives. River is my crush. If she’s reading this, I love u rj.
“River is my shawty foreva n eva
by Everyonesdad December 2, 2022