A Plastic Paddy is someone who claims to be Irish but never actually been to Ireland. Usually these people have a overly romantic view of Ireland. They are surprised when they go to Ireland and discover modern conveniences like shopping centres and WiFi.

They'll often try to claim to be related to a famous Irish king like Brian Boru as if it's something unique even though Brian Boru could potentially have over a million descendants.

They may ask Irish people abroad do they know "Thomas from Cork, or Mary from Kilkenny", as if Ireland is one giant village where everyone knows each other on a first name basis.

They call the Irish language "Gaelic" and often have misspelled tattoos in "Gaelic". It's not uncommon for plastic paddies to mistake elements of Scottish culture with Irish culture such as the wearing of kilts. Calling yourself "Irish" when you have only a modicum of Irish heritage may be way trying to justify your alcoholicism or enhancing your chances of becoming US president.
"That guy is such a plastic paddy, he kept talking to me about his families kilt pattern and I hadn't a fucking clue what he was talking about"
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A person who retains a strong sense of Irish cultural identity despite not having been born in Ireland or being of only partial (if any) Irish descent; generally used in referance to Irish-English or Irish-Americans. Percieved as irritating poseurs by Irish nationals.
That American wishes he was Irish. He's just a plastic paddy.
by SullySullivan December 26, 2005
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The descendants of the Irish who emigrated to the United States and raised over 6 million dollars for the Irish so that they could fight the Anglo-Irish war and establish the Irish Free State. Their families and grandchildren are made fun of for claiming kinship by the people of the Irish Republic who don't acknowledge the help they received from Irish-Americans, both politically and otherwise.

The Irish today would call the grandchildren of John Devoy, (a convicted Fenian deported in 1871 to America, where he enjoyed a long, dedicated life as a journalist, publisher, political leader, and gun runner for Irish independence )plastic paddys.
by GingerNYC April 1, 2008
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Diaspora Irish (American Irish) like De Valera who fought to make Ireland free both in Europe and North America, and was thrown in prison, wrote the Irish constitution, served several terms as head of government and head of state in the Irish Republic, and was heavily involved in the Gaelic Revival that helped save the Irish language. Also like others who funded millions of dollars to the Irish and gave their lives fighting in the IRA during 'The Troubles.' Those who continue today to support politically and financially Ireland and many of its political parties. American Fenians and Diaspora Irish patriots, you know... "fake Irish" from whom we have absolutely nothing to be thankful for and no solidarity with.
"He's not Irish... more like a plastic paddy."
by Boyo85 December 17, 2009
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A person from Scotland in the United Kingdom who supports Celtic FC. Instead of waving the flag of the country they were born in, Scotland and Great Britain, they wave the tricolour of a completely different country; Ireland; at football games and sing terrorist songs. 99% of the people who support the Salmond National Party and want to pretend Scotland is a Gaelic country (despite the fact that the language was only spoken in the Highlands and is nowadays, like Latin all but dead there) are Plaggy Pads.

This contrasts to English people of Irish descent, who proudly accept the fact that they are born in England and so are English & British, whilst not being ashamed of their ancestors origins. For example much of the populance of Liverpool, Manchester, London are ethnically Irish yet accept their correct, non divisionist, English & British cultural and national identity. As shown by the fact that you will not hear terrorist songs or waving of foreign flags at any of these clubs games.

Many of the Plastic Patricks in the United States and Scotland have a strong PIRA fetish, some have even taken to funding them financially. Plastic Paddy romantic terrorist fetishism is even more prounced than the majority of actual Irish people born in Ireland itself, who seem to have moved on a bit and are aware that Ireland has a proud culture which goes beyond bitter snipping and whinging about "da British opressa! 800 yeaaars!".
George Galloway to a British audience: I am British and Scottish!

George Galloway to a yank Plastic Paddy audience: I am an Irishman!
by John Bull O'Brien December 31, 2009
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Plastic Paddy, A son or daughter born to an irish man or woman abroad, who reside in the home country there all there life but still consider themselves fully irish. Also any player that plays for Republic of Ireland football. See Matt Holland captain of Irish Football
That Fukin Plastic Paddy could'nt kick snow of a fukin rope
by King Geogre the 5th March 8, 2004
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The term refers to male individuals born outside of Ireland who claim Irish heritage and proudly display stereo typical clothing and accessories while speaking naïvely or ignorantly about Ireland.
After removing his wool sweater and tweed scaly cap, Plastic Paddy displayed his shamrock tattoo and claddagh ring as he proceeds to say, “I’m a 100% Irish, my grandmother is from county Kilarney.”
by JJ Smith February 8, 2008
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