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A person from Scotland in the United Kingdom who supports Celtic FC. Instead of waving the flag of the country they were born in, Scotland and Great Britain, they wave the tricolour of a completely different country; Ireland; at football games and sing terrorist songs. 99% of the people who support the Salmond National Party and want to pretend Scotland is a Gaelic country (despite the fact that the language was only spoken in the Highlands and is nowadays, like Latin all but dead there) are Plaggy Pads.

This contrasts to English people of Irish descent, who proudly accept the fact that they are born in England and so are English & British, whilst not being ashamed of their ancestors origins. For example much of the populance of Liverpool, Manchester, London are ethnically Irish yet accept their correct, non divisionist, English & British cultural and national identity. As shown by the fact that you will not hear terrorist songs or waving of foreign flags at any of these clubs games.

Many of the Plastic Patricks in the United States and Scotland have a strong PIRA fetish, some have even taken to funding them financially. Plastic Paddy romantic terrorist fetishism is even more prounced than the majority of actual Irish people born in Ireland itself, who seem to have moved on a bit and are aware that Ireland has a proud culture which goes beyond bitter snipping and whinging about "da British opressa! 800 yeaaars!".
George Galloway to a British audience: I am British and Scottish!

George Galloway to a yank Plastic Paddy audience: I am an Irishman!
by John Bull O'Brien December 31, 2009
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A person from the United States or Scotland who is of distant Irish ancestry, yet declares themselves to be 100% Irish and adopts a huge victim complex.

Can commonly be heard ranting about the Famine of nearly 200 years ago. Making PIRA vids on YouTube, despite being from the USA and never setting foot in Ireland.

In Scotland, the natives call these people "tims". Short for "victims".
News Report: English "saacker" star David Beckham is coming to the United States to play for LA Galaxy

"Irish" "-" American with a victim complex: English! English! Those evil imperial colonial British bastards caused the Famine and every single one of them are responsible for opressing Ireland, my homeland! Now they dare come here for our money! *pulls ginger hair out* *recreates Mel Gibson's portrail of Baveheart*
by John Bull O'Brien December 31, 2009
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