A word derived from Vibank, SK, Canada. Another word used for getting laid. It can be used for boys or girls.
"Guess what happened this weekend, I got pizzies!"

"Lucas got pizzies last night!"

"Did I just get pizzies?"
by likeaboss1994 December 23, 2011
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In a gun fight real or in a game when you are exchanging fire with one person and you are then shot in the back by another. Similar to monkey in the middle with guns. Also When running after someone and getting shot from behind by another.
"wow i just pizzied Dave"
"F@$K i was hunting down Chris and got pizzied by Dave"
by eLeetSpartan June 2, 2007
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the ultimate in cool, doesnt get any cool, cooler then fo shizzle
that pizzy sho is fiiiine
by anna February 11, 2004
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A pound, usually refering to an ammount of marijuana.
Yo, I need to cop a pizzy, you wanna go for a creep?
by Joey I April 26, 2006
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pipe used to smoke meth or crack
"Damn fool get off da pizzie."
by Dan k May 30, 2004
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cuckoo like Robin; acting crazy, insane, and/or psycho.
Girl 1: Did you see that girl sliding in the snow in shorts?
Girl 2: Yeah, she was totally pizzy.
by littlesisnaka@msn.com September 10, 2007
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Man, I had some delish pizzy today.
by Tien February 6, 2005
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