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The monkey in the middle is the person that is in the middle of two fighting sides. This person is friends with both arguing sides and wants to stay neutral but is eventually dragged into the fight, and one of the fighting sides become mad at them.
I feel bad for John, he just wants to have fun and not get involved in drama but he always becomes the monkey in the middle.
by Meijer's! January 14, 2007
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When a group of students sit down for playtime in kindergarten and the teacher assigns each kid to sit where, she sits a white kid down and then a black kid next to them, and then sitting another white kid next to the black kid, presenting monkey in the middle to racists.
Teacher: alright Tommy you sit there. Jamaine, you sit next to tommy. James come over here and sit next to Jamaine. There we go, everyone good?
Kids: yes miss. Brigs...
Teacher: monkey in the middle!
by TheHappyGuido November 01, 2018
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A sex position where a whale is on top of a monkey and he fucks the whale's buns while the monkey is on top of SpongeBob while he gets butt fucked by his SpongeKnob SquareNuts. Long story short, the monkey is in the middle.
Young Boy: ay what you be doing lately, monkey?
Santos and Son's: yo last night I was given a Monkey In The Middle
Young Boy: lmao this dude fuck sponges and whales get exposed
by Inspector CG June 18, 2018
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