next time i saw him was in the clinical pizza oven!

i flipped on the switch to incinerate my poor, dead dad; in the clinical pizza oven!
by michael foolsley June 13, 2011
cremation "retort" or 'oven'

looking very much like a pizza oven, this definition makes sense!...-it just makes sense!!
went from my job at dad john's, directly to the cremation guys to see them put my poor dead dad in the clinical pizza oven!!

john wasn't big on things crawling on him, and opted for the clinical pizza oven!!
by michael foolsley September 21, 2011
Another way of saying, "Having sex.", where "Pizza" means "Penis/Cock", and "Oven" means "Vagina/Pussy".
"Dude, I totally put my Pizza in the Oven with her, last night."
by benetha619 September 30, 2014
a turd that is made while you sleep
and you lie down on it
thus making it flat
like a pizza
(caution: may contain toppings)
oh dude!
i made the biggest dutch oven pizza last night!!
it even had toppings!!
by TurdBoggler November 9, 2008
"Hey roommate.Want a dutch oven pizza, roommate? It has some toppings on it."
"Ew, that smells like your mom."
by larpy October 31, 2008
A large letterbox-shaped hole in an internal wall found in swingers clubs. The human 'pizza' puts their upper body in the hole lying flat, leaving their naked lower body dangling down for any passer-by to do what they want with. An activiry for submissives.
My fuck-pig is in the pizza oven if you want a go.
by Northnurse July 29, 2022
Someone with far to much money from flying planes that has taken the art of cooking pizza far to seriously
Check out my new pizza oven

Shut up Greg you pizza oven wanker
by Pastaloverjames November 7, 2020