want to eat:
food thats been on the floor?
out of date salad?
pasta with dead beetles in?
pure grease?

then come to pizza hut!
"shit i dropped this pizza, oh well, theyll never know..."
by another employee ;o) July 19, 2003
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Also known as "Pizza Butt". Excessively greasy pizza with crap tasting sauce. Disgusting cold. Sausage topping known to cause explosive diarrhea.
Dude, whats that brown liquid dripping from your shorts? Oh, that's just my anal leakage from eating Pizza Hut.
by shyster November 20, 2003
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Pizza that tastes like it was made in a hut.
Me: Do you want some half baked dog food?
You: No, throw that pizza hut in the garbage.
by calmebob August 19, 2013
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the big greese-ball in the sky
Luigi went to the pizza hut after the mob tasted his pizza.
by Eric August 26, 2003
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I went over there last week, and while I was ordering my food, I saw one of the drivers leave the restroom and wash his hands IN THE DISHWATER, even though the sink was right next to the bathroom door. God, that was disgusting! Makes you want to think twice, or thrice, before ordering out, because the utensils used to cut the pizzas may have also been washed in that same water.
Or maybe I was just unfortunate enough to go to a Pizza Hut restaurant which didn't have a wall that blocks the customer's view of the back of the store, but still, that worker should have known better.
by sarcastic January 26, 2004
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The most abhorrent pizza ever conceived by genetically modifying wheat and other highly processed crops as well as dairy. Multigrain or thin crust? Light cheese or light sauce? Hell no this stuff will make your stomach turn no matter what you think you’re saving in “calories”. Not to mention they’re so cheap, they squeeze every dollar out of you then they cut corners EVERYWHERE. Management is even to enforce this practice of ripping everyone off. Not happy with your pizza? No problem call us back and well make you a new special one for you ;) as long as you don’t threaten to email head office to report us.
Dude you want some pizza hut? Umm no I don’t want to die from cardiac arrest, thanks asshole.
by LCaesarB-otch October 27, 2011
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Pizza Hut are a complete load of bollocks. All the toppings are out of date & the stuffed crusts are discusting! such a tight fisted bunch of wankers 2. 1 small pizza only costs them £2 very maximum to make but they sell them for £5. The work force have to survive on massive doses of cannabis every night to forget how pathetic and meaningless their shitty job is. I should know, i'm one of the fools who works there!
If they don't sell a stuffed crust by the end of the night they take the pieces of cheese out and re-use it for the next god knows how long. Pizza Hut are part of the evil American capitalist bastards intent on ruining this planet for their own financial gain.
by George Chase September 24, 2005
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