As a rule, always microwave anything food you buy from this store THOROUGHLY!!!! Trust me.
After clearly seeing the Piza Hut cooks rubbing and picking their noses with their fingers while making my pizza, I complained to the manager about what I saw. To this day, he still hasn't done a goddamn thing to educate the employees on the basics of hygene, sanitation, and hand-washing. I guess Pizza Hut values the dollar more than they do the customer.
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A company that is notorious for treating employees horribly. They never give raises and sexually harass women. The food is constantly picked up off the floor and used. Expiration dates are never honored and spoiled food is used all the time. The dough comes in frozen disks and is never made in store. The pasta sauce comes frozen and has enough salt for ten people in one serving. They are out to screw over any employee and make them feel like crap at every opportunity,and managers have to work 60 hours a week making less than minimum wage. Wanna add inches to your waste and cottage cheese to your thighs then eat at pizza hut. Wanna be sexually harassed and when you finally say something you are written up, then go to pizza hut. The food will kill you and working there will kill your work ethic.
I worked at a pizza hut for over two years. Never once did i get a raise and i was a manager i only made a quarter more than my employees per hour.
by hot delivery girl June 24, 2010
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Pizza chain. Started by Henry L. Greaseball. Often known to serve, utterly disgusting food. Home of the Grease-Pizza.
Hey Luigi... My Pizza Hut food tastes like bum, and that guy at the other table is dead.
by LateralProff August 07, 2003
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It is hard to make pizza taste bad, but Pizza Hut can every time. Why is this place the country's most popular pizza chain?
They say bad sex is like bad pizza....not that bad. Pizza Hut is terrible, though.
by BobbyLightJr. December 29, 2010
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The reason why their food tastes like ass is because they're owned by the same corporation that owns Taco Bell and KFC.
Always remember to THOROUGHLY microwave any food you buy from Pizza Hut before you eat it.
by yuck July 25, 2003
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a pizza restaurant that sucks in every city except for fort wayne, indiana, where the man who owns them lives. never eat there unless you're in fort wayne.
Boy 1: Want to go to Pizza Hut?
Boy 2: Not unless we're going to the Fort.
by kabammmx3 August 21, 2008
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Gourmet pizza. ^.^ All under one roof.
"Pizza Hut is the best pizza you'll find. Domino's Pizza is good too, but Pizza Hut is just so much more delicious. ^o^ "
by Dave September 13, 2004
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