A family of the coolest mutha fuckas around.
I was chillin with the Pitts boyz last night
by YoungJCP March 23, 2005
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a tall ass white baller with a wannabe fro.
one of the playafromthymilays that go to wayzata
damn did u see pitts' vertical at the game last night that motherfucker dunked it over that black kid
by TOB fo eva January 25, 2005
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Being sick on a guy's penis or scrotum after gagging on it. Also know as giving someone a " Pitts " can mean three gay men having anal together.
by ConnorJason June 3, 2014
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Bethesdas second expansion to their popular nuclear apocalypse RPG, Fallout 3. Takes place in the ruins of Pittsburgh, called The Pitt by its inhabitants. This expansion offers a few new weapons, most notably the Auto Axe, new armors, perks, and a few interesting characters. You could probably beat it in about 5-6 hours, but most of your time is spent searching the Steel Yard for freaking steel ingots (collect a lot and you earn cool items and an achievement, but collecting more than 10 is optional).

The first version of the Pitt added to Xbox Live was corrupted, causing walls and characters to appear as question marks. Microsoft since removed it and a new file was uploaded, though there are still many bugs in the add-on, like crashes, audio not playing, and certain details that bleed through walls (you'll see it if you look at the right spot).

Overall I prefer the Pitt. It might not have a super awesome story like the main game, and it might have a few bugs, but the new stuff is well worth it. If you've got 800 points burning a hole in your Xbox wallet, then go buy the Pitt.
Dude: Hey, there's this guy talking about Trogs in the Pitt expansion. What's a Trog?
Other Dude: Heheheh

Dude: DUDE! Did that girl actually start stripping in the Pitt expansion?*

*There is no nudity or stripping girls in the Pitt, sorry.
by Flood_Master7 April 3, 2009
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Slang term for the town of Pittsfield, in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. The term is traditionally used by young locals in complaint of the town being in the sticks, with seemingly not much to do.
"I wish I could drive to Boston more often, because I live in The Pitts."
by Bill M. December 17, 2004
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