3 definitions by YoungJCP

A family of the coolest mutha fuckas around.
I was chillin with the Pitts boyz last night
by YoungJCP March 23, 2005
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hip-hop enthusiast; knows all the latest hip-hop gossip
That guy knows everything. He's a real Tyd.
by YoungJCP April 8, 2005
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1) Tyronne Duggins

2) Titty boy

3) Acronym for "To Yearn Dick"

4) Acronym for "Timid Young Dummy"

5) Acronym for "Tall Yellow Dildo"

6) Acronym for "Tummy Yards-over Dick"

7) HipHop enthusiast
I wonder if he's a Tyd.
by YoungJCP March 24, 2005
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