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A human made run or trail for snowboarding/skiing and similar sports. Marked with signs showing a colored shape to signify difficulty level of the particular piste. The french word for "trail". Ant: Back-country.
Green: You see that dope Rodeo I did where the two pistes meet?

Blue: No, I was busy staring at that girls boobs, snowboarder chicks are wicked hot aren't they?
by potentimagination January 21, 2012
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Piste: A mountain run or trail for skiing/snowboarding. It is the French word for "trail". Difficulty is usually marked by signs with shapes and colors: green circle is slow and easy terrain, double black diamond is very steep and rough terrain.
Antonym: Backcountry
Blue: "You see me butter down that piste!?!??"
Black: "Yeah, you've got mad skills on a groomed mountain, if we were in the back-country you'd experience some real dope riding."
by potentimagination January 15, 2012
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to plough someone, hard, just a snow machine would and completely flatten their insides and inner organs
ah mate i pisted that gal from the club last night

did you? were her insides well flattened?
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by piste December 09, 2016
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