The steam/cloud of smoke released when urinating on an open fire. Some may find pleasure in inhaling said fumes.
(At a camp)
Person 1: Hey, let's put out the flames by peeing on them!
Person 2: Great idea! I'll start
(Person 2 begins to urinate on the fire)
Person 2: OH GOD! This Piss Mist is awesome!
by Fucking Batman April 12, 2009
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water vapor chemically bonded to urea cells that results in a steam cloud of high urine concentration, usually generated by peeing in the shower, often attributed to the "They're all pipes" behavioral explanation.
Jeremy couldn't find his inhaler, so he ran to the bathroom and breathed in the piss mist left by his brother.
by DREWBLOOD October 20, 2004
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The imaginary aura/fog that fills the room when your wife is pissed(angry) at you
My wife was PMSing when I told her I wanted a threesome with her & her sister for my birthday.

I felt a terrible chill go up my spine as the room filled with pissed mist.
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada March 09, 2010
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