A manservant whose job is to mind the bucket of piss for French aristocrats.
"Sire! You look like the Piss Boy!"
"And you look like a bucket of shit!"
by Count de Monet March 31, 2008
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A pathetic, cowardly boy who pees his pants like a little baby.
"You're a stupid little piss boy, aren't you? Filthy little inky stinky pissy baby boy ."
by ghosttwat666 September 6, 2022
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A piss boy is a piss boy. They shall do the monke dance and be terrorized by Ed Sheeran until they are no longer a piss boy or until they die. Not to be confused with scat man. This is a gender neutral term.
by Sprankls November 18, 2019
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An adolescent or young adult male who defines his entire personality by his hobby. Problem is, he doesn't actually ENJOY his hobby, only being performatively pissed about it.

If they like movies, they rarely watch movies, and instead watch every episode of Cinema Sins or The Quartering while complaining about how bad movies are these days. If they like Television, they've likely written a 2,000-word manifesto about why Skylar White is the devil. If they like video games, then they're on gamer forums where all they do is talk about all the games they refuse to play because the main character isn't a 7-foot tall muscle-hulk named Brick Killhouse. You get the idea.

Primarily, whatever reason they site for WHY they dislike something is a dogwhistle against inclusivity. Although they're seldom as subtle as they think they're being.
"Have you played the new Horizon Game?"
"Is that the one the piss boys won't play because the woman protagonist looks like a woman?"
"Pretty much, yeah."
by FakeRealNews February 28, 2022
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Coworker who must go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. AKA PB.
I need to go to the bathroom again but I don't want to run into Piss Boy.
by DCA May 23, 2006
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A name for someone who pisses their pants in frount of a large audience.
Jock1:What's up.

Jock2:Nothin much man sey can i talk to you in a second i just reaaaly have to piss.(Pisses his pants)

Jock1:Hahahaha hey everyone look at this Piss Boy.
by Mattastic30 February 25, 2010
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Anyone with the name Kevin is a little peepee Piss boy
John: “fuck man your such a piss boy
Kevin: “what how”
John: “you know why”
by Uwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu October 26, 2019
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