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Pirating is when you go to your friends house,
pick up a CD or DVD with media on it,
and scream
"ARRGGH!" at the top of your lungs.
make sure to sound very piratelike when doing this to make sure you Pirated the CD/DVD correctly.
Joe: I love Pirating music,
Steve: I Pirated a CD a minute ago
Joe: Did you scream "ARRGGH!" loud enough?
Steve: yep :P
by T-Killah July 15, 2010
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If someone does something awesome and manly they will get "piratings" for it. This is pretty much the same as ratings but only for manly things that a pirate would do
"I'll give you bare piratings if you merc that old lady over there and then rape her with your face.Twice."
by Sinister Sausage May 09, 2006
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1: to illegally download software.

2: to live on the sea and intercept ships, robs them, and hide their treasure.
1: the police friend of bob's dad found thousands of programs obtained by pirating from

2: the poor often resorted to pirating in the 13-1400's
by penguin luvr September 26, 2005
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To walk around aimlessly drunk exploring your current surroundings to get a better understanding of where everything is and how everything fits together in the world that we live in.
I went pirating last night, climbed up a few ladders, walked along the roof, took a photo, climbed onto this other building and hopped down a hatch and i was crawling through the roofspace..
by MadReptillian August 20, 2011
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When one is trying to inhale the smoke from a bong/water pipe, but they pull so hard the water smacks their mouth. Like a pirate.
Person A: damn the pull from that is weak.
Person B: yeah, dis shit got me pirating.
by ArcaneSaga March 03, 2017
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A sex act. To kick your sexual partner in the shin and cum in him/her eye. Causing him/her to hop, hold eye and shout.
"dude, i so pirated that chick i picked up last night"
"huh? what the hell is pirating?"
"See above dude"
by C Bris July 11, 2008
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Stealing music and other media online from places like Demonoid and PirateBay.
"Hey, where did you find the money to get Final Cut Pro?"

"Oh, no. I just used a pirating site to get it."
by Rusty the Awesome January 01, 2010
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