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When a Pinterest pin piques ones interest. Also works with "pinterested" and "not pinterested.
Wow that's very pinteresting!

I am not very pinterested in this pin but I'm wicked pinterested in that DIY!
by Mbigger318 June 11, 2013
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The act of being completely immersed in viewing Pinterest posts, an activity which can take hours.

verb, past tense Pinterested
Go ahead and order take-out, honey. I'm too busy Pinteresting these really amazing meal recipes.

Your Honor, I was Pinteresting, so it couldn't possibly have been me.

You know better than to bother mommy while she's Pinteresting!
by ils_angel December 13, 2012
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A photo or post on Pinterest worth re-pinning to your own board, because it's funny, useful, or true.
'How to make 15 mixed drinks with one chaser?' How pinteresting...I guess I'll save that to my Grubs&Drinks board!
by mhartley420 November 27, 2011
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A word to describe a digital image just before someone infringes on its copyright by handing out rights to distribute it to a website called Pinterest, without the permission of the image's creator.
"Oh, this is pinteresting! I will add this to my digital image hoard on Pinterest! Hopefully I will earn the approval of my followers when they repin the image to their own digital hoard, copyright infringement is so worth it. God forbid I should consider the consequences of my actions on the person who created this pinteresting image."
by DrippingGoofball July 05, 2012
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Something worthy of being pinned or re-pinned on Pinterest. Something that you find pinteresting usually decries how funny, sad, or sadly funny your life is.
*girl sees a sign that says "laugh at your own jokes."
girl: "Ha! That's pinteresting!"
guy: "Only because no one else does."
by nhdsiog March 12, 2012
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