The most sacred, serious, vowel anyone can ever swear to. If broken, you must suffer some serious consequences. These promises come straight from the heart and are sworn to value. Remember the code!

Also know as a "Pinky-Swear"
Ashley told me that she pulled the fire alarm. I made a pinky promise to her saying I wouldn't tell a soul.
by lavenderlavy December 9, 2009
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The most sacred of vows. It is done when two people hook their right pinkys together and one says "I pinky promise...." followed by what they are promising.

This is not something to fuck around with. A pinky promise is serious. You don't break a pinky promise, that's just shitty...'s like kicking someone in the shin, which will happen to you if you break a pinky promise!
Jon pinky promised Bob that he would remember to give him a ride to the airport.

Jon forgot about taking Bob to the airport, and Bob missed his flight.

That afternoon Jon's wife, mother, father, and the secretary he was having an affair with all died in a fire during an open discussion about Jon's affair. Jon found all of this out, and then was kicked in the shin and mauled to death by a bear.

This all happened to Jon because he broke a pinky promise.
by MrGreen1912 November 15, 2010
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This is the most serious and secret promises of them all. The holy of promises. Definitely not something to mess around with. This is a serious matter that needs to be taken cautiously. You keep it your in the clear you break it. Three words "Karma is a bitch".
Jimmy: Hey don't tell Sarah that I like her please.

Ralph: Don't worry bro I won't. (Liar)

Jimmy: Pinky Promise?!?!?

Ralph: Pinky Promise (makes a pinky promise)

*Next day Ralph tells Sarah that Jimmy likes her. *

*Ralph pinky falls off next morning *

The End!!!😃
by Snoopystheshit April 13, 2015
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This is a promise made between very close friends and if it isn't kept all hope for furthuring your friednship to the future I LOST DEAD BURIED GONE!
You both lock your little fingers together and say "Pinky Promise", me and a ex did this and we split so erm it proves that its true yeah! because the promise wasn't kept and we don't see each other anymore!
Chris:"I will save you a double lolly!"
Kat: "Pinky Promise?"
Chris: "Pinky Promise!"
*Chris eats a whole bag of Double Lollie's and forgets about Kat, therefore Kat forgets about Chris...COMPLETLEY! lol*
by Trinkbar_Trina March 30, 2005
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A sacred vow that transcends all fake promising rules (ex: crossing fingers). This is a serious deal that is of the upmost importance.
Guy 1: Hey bro, pinky promise me you won’t tell anyone who I like.

Guy 2: Yeah bro of course.

Guy 2 will be sacrificed to the pinky promise gods if breaks this sacred agreement.
by jg17 May 10, 2021
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A promise spoken as you cross pinky fingers that, if broken, gives the right to the grieved one to deglove, sever or otherwise critically injure your pinky finger.
My former friend and I had the pinky promise to go to our first Comic-Con together. She went without me. So, as a gesture of retribution, I tore the nail off her pinky finger. I am not cruel enough to disable her forever now, am I?
by KetsubanMissingNumber April 6, 2022
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A promise where they vow to complete a task within the day that they promised.
He kissed me today because of a pinky promise made in the morning.
by Thomas Jenkins September 9, 2018
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