to hit some one repeatedly on the chin, the make-believe sound punches make before one is knocked out.
"I hit that nigga like- PINK! PINK! PINK!- And down his dumb ass went!"
by Rekio Frost September 21, 2006
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a color worn by females, homosexuals, and dumbasses who think its a gangsta/pimp/cool/hip/phat/hot/thugish color.
the color pink was NOT meant to be worn by men.
if you are a male and dont wear pink, your cool in my book
if you have worn pink before and regret it, your forgivin
if your male and wear pink and dont regret it, youll probley be mobbed walking down a street.
man1: "check it man im wearing pink, how manly am i?"
man2: "not very..more like how feminine are you. loser"
by playa del seville November 30, 2005
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The only color that Chuck Norris didn't create. Tom Cruise created pink.
In Chuck Norris's life, the only thing he didn't create was pink. Tom Cruise made pink.
by Doaders592 November 01, 2010
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the coolest mother fuckin color in the world cause all the other colors arnt nearly as cool except purple but it is still number one
what is your fav. color
dude pink by far
dude that is a chick color
no fuck you it is the coolest color int the god damn world
by scotty 1 and emery June 07, 2004
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1. The color pink, white with a soft amount of red, or red with some added white.
2. A pop singer, right now most famous for her new hit 'So What'. She spells it P!nk. Obviously, P!nk is not her real name :)
1. "The rose is a shade of pink"
2. "P!nk rocked her concert last night!"
by Jewel-Leeana February 09, 2009
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being happy, or jolly, it can also be mean the color pink
person1: are you feeling pink?
person2: yeh im feeling happy =


person1: are you wearing a pink shirt?
person2: hellz ya =
by x-generation.Z April 16, 2006
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derived from getting "greens" when smoking marijuana, Pinks is a verb informing all males around you that you have first dibs on sex with the girl you called Pinks on
"Damn shes hot"

"The one in the striped shirt?"

"Ya dude. Pinks on Stripes"

"Shit. DUBS!"
by Sup3r-Luis April 07, 2009
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