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Moonwalking is when an attempt to move on from a past relationship miserably fails and instead you end up going back to your previous boy/girl friend.

This makes you feel like you're months in the past instead of in the present, hence the term moonwalking. walking forward but going back.
"yo man, i thought you weren't with rachel anymore. you're back with her? thats some serious moonwalking."
by Lechugador June 11, 2009
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When you have to take a shit so bad, you have to walk slow, like you are on the moon, on your way to the bathroom.
I was holding my poop for so long at Walmart, I was moon walking all the way to the stalls. I didn't make it though and I crapped by the tvs.
by Carve a ham! August 17, 2011
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when you and your boy moon walk on each others tounges while kissing in hidden places in dark dances.
"Wow look over there! Kelly and John are deffinately moonwalking all over each other."
by Kelly24 March 24, 2007
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To stroll with ones arse hanging out of ones Fubu pants in a rival gang's hood for a giggle!
Shit niggaz! we gotta uzi these mo fo's for moonwalking out streets
by Antony Butnut March 19, 2004
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