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Not quite slutty, but not classy either. Kind of trashy in a good way.
That chick was so sleazy, she walked around company in just her underwear, with a cigarette and a bottle of Hennessy.
by California Bae Area January 9, 2017
Basically the original, almost forgotten incarnation of the modern day hipster.

People think that hipsters are a new thing, but in reality have been around for years, the only difference is that a modern hipster mixes the beatnik style with indie, scene or emo.

They were a subculture of (mostly wealthy) young people in the 1950's that drank coffee, enjoyed art and music, wrote poetry, did psychedelic drugs, and smoked cigarettes. Practiced minimalism, and were very, very political. Men wore berets with striped shirts and sandals, and the women wore berets, little black dresses and scarves.

Would say slang things like "That's beat" and "daddy-O".
The dirty beatnik played bongo drums while reciting his own poetry at the poetry bar.
by California Bae Area December 30, 2016
What every goth/alt girl calls themselves these days.
xXVampireChickXx is a Moon Child.
by California Bae Area January 30, 2017
Celebrity cosplayer, glamour model and spokesperson who makes her own cosplays and runs a costume business.
Yaya Han now has her own line of fabrics at JoAnn's.
by California Bae Area December 29, 2016
Master of the fine art of MAKING BEATS to twerk your phat ghetto ass to.

A Chop God is a king of chopping beats on the computer screen.
Chop God Lewi a king asf
by California Bae Area September 4, 2016
A modern day version of events like "Woodstock".

EDM music, artwork, and other crafts are created by local artists and shared with the community while they camp out.

Infamous for their high amount of substance abuse, not everyone does drugs that go. That is a stereotype.
That girl goes to the music festival every year to see Bass Nectar and take psychedelic drugs because she wishes she was born in the 60's.
by California Bae Area September 19, 2016
A fizzy soda fused with cannabis extract. Usually drank by wannabe rasta/hippie druggie edgelord pieces of shit just to sound, and look cool.

Or just normal people who prefer being high over being drunk.
I am not drinking just any soda, I am drinking Keef Cola; I am being specific that it contains weed because I am a faggot.
by California Bae Area August 3, 2016