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me to boo xoxo - ur fan haley
pinapple hairs “ when u don’t know the name of the leaves on a pinapple u call it hair

by haley goes poo poo June 16, 2020
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Why are you a Sandy Pinapple? Is your name Randy, or just dandy? Is your favorite color Blu? or just true? How about your spiky hair, does it point, up, down, or over there? Maybe you Like Dr. Swiss with rhymes like this. Perhaps your friends are Daquiri Bananas, litos, Super Sugar Rulz? plus popcorn, minus tears. Thrillz on deez hillz? Oceanic views from a distance or how about tha nice weather? Why not be a Sandy Pinapple, the hard spiky shells with super sweet and sour, COREy inside? Or why not just Chill on da beach, like a Sandy Chilln Christian Sandy Pinapple? SCORE! plus rock sign and pierced tongue.
I'm definately feelin tha Sandy Pinapple in her, or him.
by sugarlitolikathisone February 05, 2010
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A type of sexual intercourse between two friends, or people wanting to be more than friend, or between boyfriend + girlfriend.
Involves boxers with 'Pinapple Express' written on the back, palm trees in the bedroom and the scent of pinapples on the girl.
This type of sex is very fruity and exotic.

(Is recommended for some other people who are bored with their sex lives and want some excitement)

This type of sex has nothing to do with the stoner movie called "Pinapple Express".
Person A - "So I heard you and Zach... Pinapple Expressed last night?"
Person B - "Oh yeah! It was a totally different experience!"

Person C - "Dude! Did you Pinapple Express Gillian last night?"
Person D - "Totally! Dude, you should try it sometime yourself!"
by The Cat Ate Jell-o March 04, 2009
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the act of quickly inserting a pinapple in to ones anus
i need to loosen that ass up. how bout the pinapple express?
by shark bait ho haha February 22, 2010
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When one is so surprised they are about to shit something more random and uncomfortable than a brick.
When Jared told me our team had won the game I was Blue Pinappleingbecause our team sucked
by Jay-cee hopper November 29, 2009
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dude i was so drunk last night i put my dick in a fan and it gave me a diced pinapple
by ducheonmandik August 07, 2012
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