Fruit code for 'oral sex'
Person 1: "So yeah I gave him pinapples last night."
Person 2: "Finally!"

Mother: "So what did you and Billy do last night?"
Daughter: "Oh you know... pinapples."
by mombo italiano October 05, 2010
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The most beautiful fruit and it’s yellow and delicious
Hey can you pass me the pinapple please I think it tastes good
by SUPERYEETFORNARNIA November 16, 2019
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1. a code word used between 2 or more people in a situation with a large crowd, such as a party, to express awkwardness. usually the crowd members get confused and/or angry because they do not understand what the term is referring to.

2. a code word used between 2 or more people in an awkward or annoying situation that they had predicted earlier, that ended up happening.

3. just an awkward situation in general; a word used to break the awkwardness.
1. Kevin: *taking his pants off at a party" "hey everyone! look at me !"
Sydney: "oh god kevin ! pinapple !"
Harry: "pinapple all the way..."
Deena: "ew ! pinapple !!"

2. *earlier*
Loqueesha: "Alicia's totally gonna flirt with every guy at the party, even though she has a boyfriend !"
Monique: " dayum gurll.. ur right.."

*later, at party"
Alicia: *cuddling with "nick" *
Nick: "alicia, chads your boyfriend.. so get offa me"
Alicia: *speechless*
Loqueesha: "pinapple..."
Monique: "werdd..!"

3. Oscar: "guys... i just thought i should tell you that i jack off to pictures of pauls mom."
Paul: "what the fuck ??"
Gary: "pinapple ."
by kittykaateatyou July 10, 2011
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A pinapplé is a person who Identifies as a pineapple, they are often European or British. They often complain about how too many pineapple are fished from the market these days!
Human: Hey bro, you gonna eat that pineapple.

Pinapplé: Just cos I am a pinapplé doesn't mean I’m a cannibal
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It is a term to descibe a running method in airsoft away from harm and danger.
Kid spots enemy

Rest of the group:PINAPPLE,PINAPPLE!!!
by Shadz Troups May 02, 2021
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You just spelled pineapple wrong over the internet.
Are you high?
Bob:"I like pinapples!"
Jim:"You mean pineapples?"
Bob:"Sorry Autocorrect!"
Jim:"But we are talking in real-life?"
Bob: *wipes forehead*
Jim:"Dont wipe my fucking forehead ever again."
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by TurkeyisnotEU June 22, 2021
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