A girl in a lesbian relationship who is usually a bottom. She likes to recieve rather than give and she is also most likely to stop texting when she sees you're also typing.
You might not want to hook up with Laiana, she just lies there because she's such a pillow princess.
by Sweetmothersappho May 11, 2019
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A girl who lays back on a pillow during sex being pleasured but doing nothing in return.
Girl 1: Holly seems like she'd be good in bed.
Girl 2: Not if you don't want a pillow princess; when we fucked she didn't do anything.
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the ultimate sub lesbian. they will literally lay there whilst their partner does all the work.
ugh, that girl i hooked up with last night was such a pillow princess. i had to do all the work!
by fucking woke man February 1, 2020
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A girl, normally in a wlw relatiobship, that just lays back and lets her partner do all the work. In other words gets eaten out, but refuses to give anything back.
My last girlfriend was such a pillow princess, i got nothing out of that relationship, if you know what i mean.
by Maries01 April 17, 2018
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A woman, usually in a of a curious/bisexual context, who wants to experience pleasure from oral sex, but who is unwilling to reciprocate.
Jane: All Jill ever does when we have sex is just lay back and have me do all the work. She is such a pillow princess!
by FriarPablo December 29, 2005
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A girl who likes to be spoiled and taken care of, usually in the context of sex/after care.
by Im_aPillow.princess October 14, 2022
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Pillow princess a bottom, like they just chill there and like to get pleasure from their partner and don't do any work.
๐’œ๐“ƒ๐‘”๐‘’๐“๐’พ๐’ธ is a pillow princess she is so lazy
by slidesq November 7, 2022
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