This usually has a negative connotation. In some situations it is an act of laziness but in others it is a girl who lays back and is willing take whatever her partner wants to give her. In this case it is a submissive partner that is willing to give all the control to her dominant partner. Normally this type of relationship is a mutual agreement so that both are getting what they want.
I love my pillow princess. She lays down, does what I say, and takes it how I give it to her.
by cupk8 April 16, 2018
When someone prefers to recieve oral rather than give it. Typically referring to wlw relationships.
With those long nails?? She’s definitely a pillow princess.
by Eajrb January 17, 2019
A girl who is really beautiful. She may like a few girls in her lifetime but is NOT gay. She is straight. She also doesn't do well with giving, she likes to receive instead. She's a big tease.
by danielxxx3 October 23, 2011
A girl that loves to be gentle in bed and be the submissive one during sex.
Boy “wanna get on top

No I’m a pillow princess
by TobaRankins July 26, 2022
A girl in a lesbian relationship who is usually a bottom. She likes to recieve rather than give and she is also most likely to stop texting when she sees you're also typing.
You might not want to hook up with Laiana, she just lies there because she's such a pillow princess.
by Sweetmothersappho May 11, 2019
A girl who lays back on a pillow during sex being pleasured but doing nothing in return.
Girl 1: Holly seems like she'd be good in bed.
Girl 2: Not if you don't want a pillow princess; when we fucked she didn't do anything.