Juliane is a girl that is crazy, nice and quite sadistic. She is weird, but in a very good way.
“She’s really a Juliane, I can spot it from far away”
“Yes, she seems so fun and wild
by tapir420 May 12, 2020
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A type of communism where everyone is the same and this means EVERYONE! Every person looks the same, talks the same and does the same thing at the same time. Also everyone loves the same person which is called "Wladimir Putin". Individuality is non-existent.
Person A: I heard communism is back.
Person B: Yeah, but it's so extreme that people call it Julianism!
by Julianism5ever July 3, 2018
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Julianes are those insanely perfect human beings that you wanna imitate. Probably one of the cutest fucking girls anyone has ever laid their eyes on. Loving, caring strong women who take major responsibilities. Julianes’ smile can literally make anyone’s day, as pure and honest as their heart may be. Insanely hot. Incredibly stylish. And hella smart. Julianes however worry often about their looks when there’s literally no need to. Like a full 10/10. They tend to overthink stuff a lot because they will make sure you are happy. People will often tell how loyal, honest and talented they are (because those human beings can draw like no one else can). Why would anyone call this princess a bitch huh?
Boy 1: haha mate I’ve talked to this girl about music but she listens to some hard shit
Boy 2: wdym?
Boy 1: like Metallica and Zeppelin something, go talk to her, her name is Juliane
Boy 2: Dude WTF you’ve talked to a Juliane and you didn’t tell me??? Fucking hell bob those girls are like Angels
by Madremia June 25, 2020
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Smexy potato beast that will steal your man. Probably a queen.
Wow! Juliane is the best at eating.
by The real goat and oG March 28, 2018
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A magnanimous girl who will be loyal and stick by your side no matter what. A multi-tasker and multi-talented individual. She may seem sensitive but she is very protective and compassionate in what ever the case may be. She is also very romantic but tends to be clingy and dependent on that person she likes. Sometimes can not think about the future and lives in her past memories. Nevertheless she will always be awesome!
"Love me, hate me, say you what you want about me!
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Juliane" :P
by BubblyPearls July 6, 2010
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1. adj. Being dark in color, mood, or setting. An antonym of gavinic.
1. The streets are very eerily julianic at night.
by Berto Shlock February 5, 2005
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If you know a Julian... He can be you best friend and when he isn't joking around making people laugh he is kind caring and will take in all your problems and help you through them to the best of his ability. And listen lady's he can tell when you like him so don't hide it he is very intuitive of people's feelings around him. And don't worry if your the kind of girl who wants to be a little flirt and your his girlfriend he will write you peoms and songs about you and for you and he gives the best compliments ever! Plus if you wanna get in bed with him don't worry by the age of just 13 he already has a 6 inch doodle. So do worry bout that ether ;). Plus, if your interested in him feel free to just tell him how you feel he won't mind he likes when you just tell him instead of your friends telling him for you. But, break his heart and you lose the best person in your life forever! And one final thing bout him he usually has brown hair with hazel eyes tall and he is smart and he blush dark red if you get him to that stage hehe.
Julian is the greatest person you will ever meet agreed?

by Flash flash 100 yard dash June 17, 2017
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