Classic heavy metal band from Toronto, Canada. Fronted by Gord (Piledriver) Kirchin, they released Metal Inquisition (featuring the title track, Sex With Satan, Sodomize The Dead, Witch Hunt, Alien Rape, Human Sacrifice) in 1984, then Stay Ugly (featuring Lord Of Abominations, The Fire God, The Executioner, Metal Death Racer) in 1986, only to disappear into culthood. Reformed in 2005, and seen in live performances in Toronto and Montreal, soon touring the US and Europe, with new album Metal Manifesto.
I saw Piledriver in concert last night, and now my wife won't kiss me.
by Ray Bunioni August 31, 2006
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Taking a crap that involves a huge amount of straining and effort.
Bob must have had his full at that restaurant last night, he’s been in the bathroom for the last half hour piledriving.
by Dr Purple Q June 21, 2013
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a move where a woman is sitting on her hear and the man bends over her and drivers her into the ground with his cock
i piledrived the shit outta yo sista last night u chooch
by Miles December 01, 2004
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Person who's favorite wrestling move is the piledriver, fat, unpopular, and where he/she thinks that WWE wrestling is real. Very unpopular and tends to act like a 7 year old child when he is with his friends. When he is alone he is very quiet.
Wow that douchebag is acting like a total Piledriver, Let's go egg his house.
by GodofSauce November 06, 2009
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When a heterosexual male member of law enforcement fills his rectum with neutral grain alcohol (at least 180 proof) and is penetrated anally by the penis of one or more other heterosexual male(s).
Johny is not gay, he just likes to like to do the Peoria Piledriver with officer Matt O'Brien.
by Officer Matt O'Brien April 09, 2021
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The sexual act of jumping off the roof of your 3 story apartment building during the act of 69ing your partner(s).

Optional- Whilst in the air, spin a full 360 degrees.
*at the hospital*
a- Bro what happened!?!
b-*full body cast* do not worry my brethren, i have done every thing in the world, including a California Piledriver, hence us being at the hospital.
by Trez774 February 06, 2011
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A repetitive thrusting motion during sex, so hard, resulting in the penis to emerge from the females mouth.
Dude, last night i performed the most legendary jacksonville piledriver ive ever done. She fucking died.
by Orionn February 19, 2014
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