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A branch of the Brotherhood of Metal. Known for their Anti-Chav activities, the Metal Inquisition can issue Cleansing notices to any McDonalds restraunt to clear the area of Chavs after a suspected outbreak of a Chav Infestation. If this is the case, an Inquisition member can then issue a closure notice one month prior to the cleansing notice being issued, if cleansing procedures havn't been met. during heavy Chav activities, the Metal Inquisition has been known to send people out to hunt down these Chav layabouts, these people are known as Chavhunters. The ranks of the Inquisition consist of:
Cleansing Inquisitor
Brother Inquisitor
High Inquisitor
Lord Inquisitor
Metal Inquisition: This McDonalds is to be closed due to the failure to act upon the Cleasning notice issued one month prior to this closure order being issued.
by Metal Master September 29, 2005
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