1) Pike (noun) pikey/chav/gary
2) Pike (verb) to steal, mug, beat up or vandalise
1) oi look at those pikes lol
2) shit that pike piked my phone!
by Loop September 08, 2005
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(v.) To have sex in an exceptionally rough manner.
"Bitch, you gon' get straight-up piked tonight!"
"Sarah loves to get piked by big black dudes."
by RockyB August 30, 2004
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Every known cuss word combined into one word.
"Man, she's such a pike!"
by Amy F December 27, 2005
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frat; scholarly gentlemen who know how to party.
The best frat on campus is Pike.

If you ain’t Pike, you ain’t shit.
by shaidee January 26, 2019
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That kid over there is a Pike. He wouldn't stand a chance against us.
by zhi#5553 November 02, 2019
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To prod another into action (as if poking them with a spear).
Jeff: Did you hear back from the client manager when they are going to get our consultant started?

Ron: No, I'm going to pike him until he calls me back!
by Jeff Kennedy August 21, 2007
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