1. A sharp stick. And it's got a blade on the end. Don't you play war video games?

2. A cross between a pie and cake, a widely popular pastry among people who believe that it actually exists.
syn: pie-cake, cake-pie, caie
Hmmm... It's his birthday... but he really likes pie... I know, I'll get a pike!
by Korais September 11, 2003
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interchangeable with fuck.
"Oi, wanna pike?"

"Pike off!"
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005
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when a female uses a strap-on to engage in anal sex with a male.
bob said he let becky pike me last night, and he said he kinda liked it.
by shotgun pollace July 28, 2004
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a retarded idiot tries to act funny and cool but nobody like him/her but he/she doesnt know it;someone who tries to act cool but has no friends.
Byron is a fuckin pike and he doesnt realize it lol.

Byron needs to get a life and stop being a pike.

by Dale Campbell June 12, 2008
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Pain that you like.
"Dude, these mushies are so pike."

"Playing with a wobbly tooth because, even though it hurts, it feels too damn good."

by pope2108 May 10, 2007
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The classiest man you will meet. He always keeps his stealthy cool, even in the sketchiest situations. He surfs will style and power and all the ladies love him. If you ever meet a Pikes consider yourself very lucky. You will be stunned by his handsomeness and happy personality.
Bella: Man, I think that Pikes is really hot!
Sally: Then why don't you marry him!
Bella: Shut up you freaking troll and be like Pikes.
by BlakeLikesToooPartyBoiz January 27, 2016
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