1) A city known for heavy police activity.
2) A cop station
3) Denny's
Eagan is a fucking pig pen.
A car just left the pig pen.
Shit, Im not eating at a pig pen
by Apexaiwa April 20, 2005
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(pig`pen`) v. TO PIG PEN: The action in which two males and two females participate in a sexual transaction of semen. The two couples fuck missionarily with the two females back facing each other; whilst being fucked the two females share a double ended dildo between their anal cavities. A take off on a pig roast.
Scott: Hey Sonya, want to have a pig roast?
Sonya: Make it a Pig Pen and throw Mrs. Blank, and Mr. Anstead in there, then you have a deal.
by one crazy motha fucka January 27, 2008
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When you don't shower in between sex sessions. Named after Pig-Pen, the dusty kid from the Charlie Brown cartoons.
Mike: Why does the house stink?
Andrew: Ah, Jakes just been pig penning all week
by JustFred April 24, 2018
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What you call the bedroom of someone who fucks fat discusting women.
morty - where did Cletus go?

Rick - He's hookin up with that hog from the bar back in his pig pen.
by Turkey Nuts June 5, 2009
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A man that's obsessed with wild hogs. He has no life and probably butt fucks boars and his sucks his own dogs off.
Scott is a real pig pen. No wonder his dog love him.
by bigwhitehammer February 16, 2018
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A bunch of useless,low lifes that fuck and suck everyone they can,plus each other. These people are also known as home wreckers. They do not do not give a shit who they hurt in the process. They get more turned on knowing the other person has a family at home.
That Pig Pen better stay the fuck away from my man or I will will send her to the slaughter house.
by Rhonda Rumschik January 14, 2009
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