6 definitions by Rhonda Rumschik

A skank,slut or whore that carries a mattress on her back hoping to fuck everyone in town on it.
That Karleigh is such a fucking mattress toter. She better take that fucking ass some where else before i kick it for her.
by Rhonda Rumschik January 15, 2009
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A nice,down to earth,good looking woman. She is one in billion. She is a crazy girl in all the right ways. The most beautiful wife a guy could ever have. No one tops her.
Rhonda is so awesome. I wish I could have a girl like her. If I could have her it would be like winning the lottery.
by Rhonda Rumschik January 14, 2009
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A bunch of useless,low lifes that fuck and suck everyone they can,plus each other. These people are also known as home wreckers. They do not do not give a shit who they hurt in the process. They get more turned on knowing the other person has a family at home.
That Pig Pen better stay the fuck away from my man or I will will send her to the slaughter house.
by Rhonda Rumschik January 14, 2009
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A favorite soft drink of many cock sucking hoes. Also known as cock suckers.
That Karleigh loves the taste and the feeling of Cock-A-Cola fizzing in her mouth.YUM,YUM
by Rhonda Rumschik January 14, 2009
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A pubic hair or some sort of stray hair on ones nuts or cunt. Meaning wild or long.
Hey,Joe why don't you trim those crotch feathers off your nuts?
by Rhonda Rumschik January 14, 2009
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