Person who who cannot shut their mouth, no matter the detriment to themselves or others.
Shut your pie hole, alll you do is start shit. Shut your pie hole, and all your problems will vanish. Shut your fucking Pie Hole, and you may live to see another day. Biggest pie hole in the south...nastiest pie hole in the South...shut your pie hole.
by jusjaxon July 20, 2010
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a word in which "pie hole" and "pot whole" are confused; MLW knows the word "pie hole" as "pot hole" and is ultimately wronging in her use of the word and definition.
Lindsey, shut your pot hole = wrong; Lindsey, shut your pie hole = correct.
by The ultimate dictionary October 12, 2006
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A mouth that eats alot of pie. normaly a fat persons mouth cause pie makes you fat.
Shut you pie hole you greedy pie eating motherfucker!
by ClanClan May 19, 2008
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(v.) -ing, -ed, etc. To shout down opposing views on blogs, or to be excessively vigilant in routing out potential trolls. From a dailykos.com diary entitled, "Shut Your Fucking Piehole" on the counterproductivity of discussing a favored candidate's mistakes.
We encourage honest intellectual debate, and try to refrain from engaging in flaming and pieholing.
by pippa September 29, 2004
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A hole in a pie resulting from someone eating or otherwise removing the center of a pie first.
Bob ate the center of the pie and left us with a pie hole.
by basmith7 December 20, 2007
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A strong term used when whom wants someone else to be quiet FAST
by Shizzles Man November 15, 2016
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A woman's mouth when talking and needs to shut it up. "Shut your pie hole" because a vagina is shaped like a slice of pie.
by fionnfee July 25, 2016
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