an complete star, comes up with completely random things and always makes me laugh no matter what, he is always happy and always smiling and laughing. keep smiling babe xxxxx
by Lottie March 18, 2004
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Pidge:A woman's dank gooey under cut
"Damn stripper got Pidge juice all over this Two dollar bill!"
by Skin Carpet November 01, 2003
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1. Anything typically cringe/lame

2. Generic insult

un-homophobic alternative to "gay"
"This girl keeps hitting my newsfeed when she joins really pidge groups like "i love it when you send me more text kisses than i sent you, i can tell that you care <3" "

"Greg, that is such a pidge shirt"
by pioutoften April 29, 2010
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To send an item to ones pigeon hole
Student 1: M8 have you got those PPE notes

Student 2: Yeah I'll pidge them to you

Student 1: Top chat
by Sosun11 May 07, 2016
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To refer to someone as an idiot or someone that is unbelievably popular thinks they’re on top of the world
β€œYes I stole your boyfriend, you pidge!”
β€œOmg, stop being such a pidge”
by Slayqueenchick June 02, 2018
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Reasonably tall, but slightly retarded football player (thats european football, you knnow, real football). Plays right back for Edinburgh Shitty Colts at Shitehill, Edinburgh. He is shit. Will definitely be the next David Beckham, because he takes wonderful free kicks which he curls into the top corner. His talents include kicking the ball out for an opposition thow in, usually near his own goals. He plans to play for Scotland when he grows up. He will grow a moustache.
by Pure Solid Jim November 24, 2003
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They are mainly dumbasses who are somehow in a top set. They look and act like gremlins and love to play video games. They are mostly likely a transgender person who loves anime and possibly cosplays. They dedicate everything to cosplaying and can tell when someones lying . Never doubt a person called Pidge. Ever.
"Did you see Pidge's new cosplay!" "Yes it's so cool!"
by bigwangting March 09, 2020
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