When someone tries to deliberately piss you/someone else off for no reason.
The man who worked at the Taco Bell drive through was pickin.
by Kyliewyliie February 13, 2018
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Armpit, under arm area
Let me tickle your pickins!
by Clc November 14, 2013
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When a man is scratching, picking/pinching, grabbing or adjusting his Penis/Balls
Girl he is good looking but he has a major problem with pecker pickin.

I don’t want that guy cooking my food girl I saw him outside pecker pickin!
by ashane January 4, 2018
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When someone simply places ones finger up their nose and searches for some "treasure"
Their really deep in nose pickin
by anamanapeia April 5, 2015
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The unsightly after-math of a tweaker that picks his/her skin in an attempt to remove what is or is not there.
"I thought she had chicken pox until I I found out she was a tweeker with pickin pox!"
by Bri Michael August 22, 2006
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Almost no choice of chicks/dudes to date in a certain group of people.
Dude, all the chicks in my class are fugly! That's slim pickins dude...
Dude, there are only three girls in this room and like 17 guys. Slim pickins man....
by Seamus McCabe August 2, 2004
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Something people say when they get mad.
Or it is a replacement for GD or Gosh Darn it.
"You get on my last cotton pickin nerves!"

"Damn, you so cotton pickin fugly"
by Tay-Nii-Chan August 31, 2008
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