Pichi is the spanisch or within Latino used word for piss or urine.
by Justaweirdteentbh February 27, 2019
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word only used in Panama to describe weed.
Estos idiotas nama son fumar pichi.
The only thing this fuckers like to do is smoke weed.
by vito corleone January 26, 2004
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when a girls pussy is really ichy and she has to use products like vagisil, etc.
Girl 1: damn im so pichy!

les-girl: ooh thats making me hot

Girl 2: take some vagisil it works great

les-girl: :) i like that
by America dont got talent July 29, 2008
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Pichi Boli is slang know almost exclusivly to the Department of Beni, Bolivia. They are Tiny little, and delicious sausages sold in the street. Pichi is slang for Penis, and Boli refers to the bolivian military.

Pichi Boli es un modismo usado en el departemento de Beni, Bolivia. Son churizitos chiquitingos, y son deliciosos. Se los venden en la calle. Pichi es un modismo que significa pene, y Boli se refiere al militar Boliviano.
1 How much do the pichi boli´s cost?
2 They cost three bolivianos

1 ¿Cuanto cuesta un pichi boli?
2 Cuestan tres bolivianos
by zancito May 21, 2008
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A very racist person and bad president whose hair color is orange.
I cant believe the caeza'e pichi is rerunning on 2020
watch out caeza'e pichi! a taco!
I am caeza'e pichi and I want a wall
by The Chilean translator February 28, 2019
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Pichi pooka is a person who is pichipookodu like persons raghu or raghupathi
It's being defined as raghu pichi pooka boy
by Nandan kumar November 29, 2021
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